About Me

I started music at the age of 13 years old but took it up professionally when I was 16. This is where I released a track called Faaji. When I was 17 years old I had done a song with Teni Makanaki called Nowadays.
From then my career started to kick off more. I went into making more music when i was in the states (Atlanta, GA). I met more people there and began networking. I recorded a few songs during my stay there. I then went back to nigeria where I made many good memories which include shooting videos to songs I composed called : Aute & Benz
I also did different performances including my own show at Baturey Brewer in Lagos Island. I had also done performances at Fela Shrine and Freedom Park in Lagos.
I was awarded a plaque by Spotify for my efforts on the record. It was such an honour being given a chance to showcase myself. I hope you enjoy all the details and music presented to you!
With Love,
Equation Billionz

Interview Questions

Equation was a name that never had a meaning before but now it has a deeper meaning. Equations are normally balanced and I believe that everything in life should be balanced also, such as good wealth, health, kindness etc.

It started with football but as I got older I started diverting into music although I was doing the two simultaneously. But in the end music took over. I also did drama as well where I had main roles in plays etc. If an opportunity arises I would like to be involved in acting in a movie soon.

Equation Billionz said, “I make all kinds of sounds. Because I'm from the UK, my accent and sound won't change, so I infuse them into my brand of afrobeats. I listen to music every day. I want my sound to be different and unique. “I started music when I was 11 but took it professionally when I turned 16, which was when I released my first single.”

Potentially could be dropping a project. I could be dropping a single again. Who knows, you'll have to find out soon enough. I know what I'm doing though (laughing).